I remember a while back Wedney’s had a commercial where the fat billionaire Wendey, whom Wendey’s is named after, talked about how she was Wedney and how her new burgers were just the way her old rapist father used to make ’em.  This was a poor marketing decision by Wedney’s because it proves that eating Wedney make you fat.  Recently they have introduced a new mascot which is a more attractive woman with red hair who is the new Wedney.  Her attitude is totally down to earth and agreeable.  She just likes good food and is always recommending to her friends what great food to get at Wedney’s instead of eating crackers off of the floor of your SUV that your husband bought you.  Then she’s always walking around all sassy at the end of the commercial jangling her drink around (probably a Frosty) with swag; she’s jangling it around like she don’t give a fuck.  She always knows best. Come to think of it, her attitude is very similar to that of the average fat person.  Anyway, seeing as Wedney’s seems to be in the process of changing their mascot into something more sexual, I suggest that in the next Wedney commercial, red haired Wedney is receiving full quadruple anal penetration.  I think 2 of the four penises should be big black hairy penises, and the other should be bacon cheeseburgers or chicken flatbread sandwiches.  So there’s a jizzy combination of sperm, anal discharge, blood, and chicken flatbread that is vomiting out of Wedney’s asshole all over a crowd of people.  And then it cuts to Wedney’s face and she smirks and says, “Well that’s better!”


Gangster Squad kinda sucks big hairy monkey dick

This movie kinda sucks big dick.  The guy from No Country For Old Men is good and Ryan Gosling and plenty of the other actors are good.  But it’s just a retarded movie.  It has the same problem as that movie where Chris Brown is an action hero where the person who is directing the movie is a 14 year old boy.

Speaking of that movie with Chris Brown in it… I remember listening to the black station on the radio one day and this black woman was raving about how she thought it was better than Oceans Eleven because it “had more action”.  Everyone was saying it was really good.  Then I tried to watch it and I vomited 14 billion times in 5 seconds.  I tried to watch that movie 2 or 3 times just to try to entertain myself with how shitty it was and I just couldn’t do it.  It gave me brain damage.

Someone should make a gangaster movie with aliens.  The Godfather crossed with Gangster Squad crossed with Aliens … crossed with Prometheus for some extra retardation.

The main problem with Gangster Squad is that it’s just about the aesthetic style of the 1940s gangster.  And aesthetic style is not that interesting, at least a movie that is generated out of that is not that interesting.  It’s not enough to be good.  The Godfather, for example, is about more than the gangster aesthetic.

It’s also too fucking long.

The current state of the U.F.C.

The next fight happening in the UFC is James Menevidez versus John Strauss.  Talk about not caring!  I wish Dana White would just stop being such an anal cunt and fight himself, that is, masturbate in the middle of the Octagon, signing “Bye Bye Miss American Pie” and fisting himself to the beat.  What’s wrong with him?  I hope the UFC stops being such a shitshow.  Although, it recently occurred to me that most UFC fighters are probably completely retarded.  Getting beat up in the UFC would suck real bad, almost as bad as Dana White sucked a monkey’s dick last night, if you know what I mean.  In conclusion, I think the UFC should have less fight and it should be more of a reality show about Dana.