Anal Mind Dump (AMD) #1

a world where time works in reverse and feelings are felt in reverse.  aka man walks backwards to toilet, sits down, and shit flies up his asshole, but they dread the feeling of being empty and love the feeling of being full of shit.


the short film about guy whose torso prolapses and head crushes and his mouth is trying to fit out his asshole.  when intenstine flaps in front of alligotor mouth it snaps at intenstine, eventually bites it, and intestine part flies back out of intestines and makes a fart noise when hitting the ground


dream starts with “mommy nooo” and is about him facefucking his own mom with a dildo attached to his ass.  he poops on her while she dies.  then he wakes up from his dream and rubs his eyes.  he sighs and poops the bed.  then he wraps up the poop in his sheet and starts swinging it around.  he swings it through his legs and it hits him in the ass or dick, which makes him jizz and/or fart .

then he lubes up his michael jordan dildo and attaches it to his desk chair.  he rolls his wrists and his neck like a faggot getting ready for a fight and slowly inserts the dildo before logging into or youtube comment section or forums and talks about how lebron is not yet in the conversation as michael jordan.



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